· is now the main address for HubMed.

Some bug fixes and updates have already been done, and there are a few more to come. RSS/Atom feeds should update automatically (if your newsreader supports HTTP 301 redirects), and old addresses should automatically forward to the new ones.

  • The RIS format used for exporting citations to Endnote, Procite and RefMan has been updated to the newest version and a few fields have changed. There is a new import filter for Endnote available on the front page. On a PC, this should be unzipped into Program Files\Endnote\Filters; on a Mac, it goes in /Applications/Endnote/Filters. Please let me know if you have any problems.

    There will soon be an updated RIS.cfg file for Procite, once it's been tested.

  • RIS exports now have Unicode characters replaced by their Latin equivalents, while BibTeX exports have Unicode characters replaced by their TeX equivalents. There should soon be an option to export citations with all UTF-8 characters intact, for users of Endnote >v8 and Unicode-compatible TeX programs.

  • The limit on 'Rank Relations' has been raised from 5 items to 20, so should be much more effective for narrowing down searches.

  • The graph of search terms over time now produces PNG rather than GIF graphs, as the GD module installed doesn't want to do GIF due to licensing issues. If your browser doesn't show PNGs, you should really think about getting a new one.

  • By some voodoo magic the site seems to work in IE5/Mac now, except for the bits that use cookies (which has taken over the curse).

  • And some other little things, plus the whole site should be faster now, hopefully.