AllMusic desertion


Even Tag&Rename's deserted the sinking AllMusic ship, using Amazon for it's album data now. AMG even managed to get banner adverts around most ad-blocking software with a bit of twisted Javascript, but that just makes the site even more unpleasant.

More great features in the new version of Tag&Rename:

  • added APEv2 tags support muse pack, monkey's audio, wav pack
    and optim frog formats)
  • added support for native flac tags
  • added all kind of mp4 files support
  • added support for new frames: Rating, Mood, Disc #, Orchestra,
    Conductor, Lyricist, Original lyricist, File page, Artist page,
    Source page, Radio station name, Radio station page,
    Buy CD page, ISRC #, Label title, Catalog #
  • added option to save ID3v2 tags data in Unicode