Sending files from one computer to another


This is how to easily send torrent files over SSH from a laptop to a home PC, to queue them up for downloading. Brad Choate described essentially the same thing a while ago, but I only just got round to setting up SSH Agent.

  • Turn on ssh on the server (eg home computer, running Ubuntu). This means installing the openssh-server package and running 'sudo sshd'.
  • Run 'ssh-keygen -t dsa' on the client computer (eg laptop, running OS X). Choose a good password. This generates two files in ~/.ssh (id_dsa and
  • Copy the public key to the server computer using 'scp ~/.ssh/'
  • SSH into the server and 'mkdir ~/.ssh' then 'mv ~/ ~/.ssh/authorized_keys'
  • Back on the client, install SSH Agent and set it to start when you log in.
  • Open SSH Agent and, in the Preferences, add a default identity using the file ~/.ssh/id_dsa
  • Edit your IP address into this AppleScript, and save it as an Application Bundle on the desktop.
  • SSH into the server from the command line a couple of times more, to make sure it's working without asking for a password
Now, every file you drag onto the droplet should be copied into the Downloads folder on your home computer. Set Azureus to watch that folder for new files, and the torrents will automatically start downloading ready for when you get home.