Make A List

Incorporating both TrackBack and collaborative weblogging, here's 'Make A List': an easy way to compile and share a bibliography of medical literature on a particular subject.


After searching HubMed, select the articles you're interested in and press 'Display Checked Abstracts'.

Select the articles you want to include in your list (or use the 'Select All' button), then press 'Make A List'. You should get a pop-up window containing your list items. All you have to do is give your list a name, write a brief description that describes the contents of your list, then press 'Post'.

Your list will be submitted to the BioLog for anyone to read. TrackBack pings will be sent to all the articles included in your list, so that users of HubMed will know that those papers have been referenced (see the 'TB' link in HubMed search results).

At the moment, all contributors are named 'guest'. If you'd like to be identifiable as the compiler of your lists, send an email for your own username and password.

Have fun - here's one I made earlier.