Creating and deploying a web service using Cloud Run's continuous deployment, GitHub integration and Cloud Build's buildpacks
Using docker buildx bake to build Docker images for different system architectures
Fetching and publishing regularly-updated data as a web service with GitHub Actions and Datasette
Using armv8 Docker images on a Raspberry Pi 400
Deploying a simple web service to Cloud Functions
Deploying a simple web service to Cloud Run
Developing, building and deploying a single-author web app
Storing, editing and sending a multipart/form-data request over HTTPS
Tools and services for converting a page of a PDF to an image
Designing a user interface for moving data from one state to another
A summary of the OpenID Connect protocol and its usage for authentication in an SPA
Using nginx and LetsEncrypt to serve a web application over HTTPS
Building an Elasticsearch index of Semantic Scholar's Open Research Corpus dataset
Building a simple blog using React and Firebase
Exporting/importing/re-exporting ES6 modules
Using CSS in JS to style and theme React components
Symfony is best at allowing users to apply mutations to resources via HTML forms
A Makefile for deploying Polymer apps to Firebase
Collections of items in time and space
Using Resource and Collection interfaces to retrieve data from the web
Metrics for scoring and ranking journals
URLs for people
Filling out data tables using promises and computed properties
Add the Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header to the data you publish
Using an Emscripten port of xmllint to validate XML against a DTD in a web browser.
Using Jekyll (remote or local) or Yeoman (local) to build, serve and deploy a GitHub Pages site or application
Using Tableau Public to visualise donations to UK political parties
Using artists as the dark matter in a graph of tags, to visualise the thematic content of radio shows
Using Gephi to create a network graph showing the most highly-connected Twitter friends of those I follow.
Finding tabular data sets that can be merged, using URLs for data types
The people who will be standing as candidates in the 2015 General Election
Filtering an Environment Agency Shapefile to create a custom map
Boundaries, names and codes of the UK's parliamentary constituencies
Scientific software is often opaque, and difficult to obtain and cite
Publish plain, simple JSON, with a linked context document for consumers that want it
The easiest, most resourceful way to harvest, explore and publish a collection of data.
JavaScript methods for iterating arrays
Two examples of publishing code, data and a human-readable report
A jQuery plugin for working with HTML Microdata
Use HTML and CSS to fill a printed card with content
If you can't tell why a technology would be useful to you, it's for the robots
Using OpenRefine to collect article metrics data
Using JSON templates to describe objects and query by example
Using context documents to map local property names to shared URLs
Fetching, parsing and publishing CSV
Some rules for publishing a resource online
OK Guha
Using names and classes as shorthand for object properties
HubMed's RSS and Atom feeds are discontinued
Using Web Components to define custom HTML elements
Methods of gathering information from the internet.
HTML markup for inline citations in scholarly articles
Using's File API to create an open, personal reading library.
A summary of ontologies for describing journal articles
An overview of the ten years since HubMed was created
Generate a podcast feed for audio files stored on Google Drive, using Apps Script and Yahoo Pipes
Introducing, a client-side renderer for articles stored in Gists
Sources for music recommendation; querying by example