Rock Ahoy

It's always nice to stumble across some new hardcore/emo albums. There's Funeral For A Friend - 7 Ways To Scream Your Name (which Mary Anne Hobbes was playing on the Rock Show), Folly - Insanity Later (from browsing folders on Soulseek) and Blood Brothers - This Adultery Is Ripe (supporting Liars on tour).

Collin summed up one benefit of TouchGraphs well (the Audioscrobbler browser in particular):

"...what really makes it nice, is that you can add in more artists that will intersect with your first web. So you can just... put in all the bands you like and if it happens that everyone who listens to all of your bands also happens to listen to one particular band, hey you'll probably like it. yay."

In this case it took a few extra clicks to join the 3 bands together (I'd like to run an algorithm to find the paths automatically, but any analyses I try and run on this huge data set just run out of memory and grind to a halt). Got some new bands to try out now anyway: