A shared word processor-bibliographic manager interface

Yes! Finally, it seems that developers of two of the main open source word processors are putting their heads together to come up with a common method for interaction with bibliographic managers, so that "one would in theory be able to use the same bibliographic application with any word-processor that supported the interface". Via Darcusb, who's been posting a lot of useful information on open bibliographies.

I was reminded of this forum post looking for open source alternatives to Endnote, and beyond. There's definitely a demand for getting out of the Endnote/Procite/Word quagmire as soon as possible. For example, did you know that you can't continue to work with Endnote on Word documents containing references formatted with Procite, as Procite uses {Authors Year #RecordID} while Endnote uses {Author, Year #RecordID}, and they can't read each others formats? Also, you can't open Procite (PC) libraries with Endnote (Mac): you have to open them with Endnote (PC), save them as Endnote libraries, then transfer them to the Mac - it's both a non-standard library format and a non-standard citation format.
LaTeX and BibTeX are great at what they do, but at the moment they're not a realistic replacement for anyone used to the Word-Endnote duopoly, so I welcome this new open source collaboration with great expectations.