Podule #2

Been meaning to make another podule with mp3wrap and ChapterToolMe for a couple of weeks, then 2lmc pointed to the Join Together And Chapterize Applescript, so I couldn't resist...

Download podule


  1. The Moaners - Too Many People (from Dark Snack)
  2. The Rakes - 22 Grand Job (from Capture/Release)
  3. Brakes - What's In It For Me? (from Give Blood)
  4. Buck 65 - Le 65isme (from Secret House Against The World)
  5. Oxes - Track 2 (from Oxes EP)
  6. Modey Lemon - Red Lights (from The Curious City)
  7. Boris - Furi (from Akuma No Uta)
  8. Editors - Blood (The Freelance Hellraiser Editorial) (from Blood single)

Once it's loaded into iTunes, you should see the chapters button, which will allow you to access each chapter directly:

chapter button