Create a wishlist of videos to rent

Cool thing #4: Using rvw!, and RSS to make life easier in video rental shops and book stores (adapted from a post by John Beeler on the mailing list):
  1. Use rvw! to add items to your bookmarks, but tagged with 'unwatched' or 'unread' instead of adding a rating.
  2. In the video or book store, call up the RSS feed for your username and the tags 'dvd' or 'book' and 'unwatched' on your mobile phone, eg
  3. ... rent a movie from your list, then later, if you enjoy it ...

  4. Change the bookmark tag from 'unread' to a rating, and add your Amazon Associates ID to the link.
  5. Profit!
Some people, including myself, might consider that getting commission for Amazon referrals reduces the value of your recommendations. In that case, you might want to use Magpie to strip out the Associate IDs before publishing the RSS feed for other people to read.

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