Bands of 2004

(R) = recorded, (L) = live
Genre divisions are arbitrary

Devendra Banhart (R,L)
CocoRosie (R,L)
Califone (R,L)
Entrance (R)
Hayden (R)
Joanna Newsom (R)
Sufjan Stevens (R)

McLusky (R,L)
Sparta (R,L)
Brant Bjork (L)
Converge (R)
Eagles of Death Metal (R)
Oneida (R,L)
These Arms Are Snakes (R)
Sunn O))) (R)
Isis (R)
Tub Ring (R)
Hella (R)
The Bronx (R)
50 Foot Wave (R)

Franz Ferdinand (R,L)
The Chinese Stars (R)
The Delgados (R)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (R)
The Unicorns (L)
Coachwhips (R)
The Go Team! (R, not L)
Ikara Colt (R)
Modest Mouse (R)
The Dears (L)
AC Newman (R)
Logh (R)
The Thermals (R)
The Ex (R)
Sonic Youth (R)
Division of Laura Lee (R)

Shitmat (R)
Mouse on Mars (L)
Merzbow (R,L)
Frank Bretschneider (L)
Collections of Colonies of Bees (R)
Ratatat (R,L)
!!! (R)
Thievery Corporation (R)
Savath & Savalas (R)
My Robot Friend (R)