Yahoo's My Web 2.0

Following Leonard Lin's lead...

[s/MW/My Web 2.0/g...]

MW imports bookmarks exported from (with an opportunity to do some tidying up on the XML file on the way).

MW doesn't export bookmarks, apart from as an RSS feed.

MW saves a cached copy of every page that you store, as it was at the time that you stored it. This is important.

MW doesn't seem to have a way to show all the people that have stored a particular URL: this means there's no equivalent to the Tasty bookmarklet or Delicious Linkbacks or Memetrack Greasemonkey script - I thought this might work, but it doesn't: Webbed. Although, it does say "Coming soon: Details from everyone who saved this page", so that's hopeful.

Here's an equivalent to the 'Post to del.icious' bookmarklet for MW: Post to MW (it adds selected text to the description field in quotes, and doesn't open a new window).

To find the link to your own page, you have to look in the top of the RSS feed (or did I miss an obvious link somewhere?). Anyway, here's My Web.

MW desperately needs a new name.