Following on from an earlier post about BPR3, I've got the Postgenomic documentation page updated so that it recommends using the rev="review" attribute on links in order to say "the current page/blog post is a review of the paper at this link", even when multiple papers are referenced in the review.

The reason it previously only recommended using rev="review" when talking about a single paper was so that an aggregator could say "this piece of text is a review of this paper". The alternative was hreview, to markup sections of a blog post that each reviewed different papers. However I think the hreview approach is complicated and an unnecessarily difficult barrier to usage, so it would be better to just use rev="review" as many times as necessary within a post.

Aggregators like Postgenomic will use the URL of the linked article to determine whether the thing being reviewed is a peer-reviewed paper or not, and to look up the metadata for that article. There is one thing possibly missing here, which is if the linked paper is found on an author's homepage, or in an institutional repository, or somewhere else outside the original publisher's site. In this case, there may also be a need for a rel attribute that would say "the document that this link points to is a peer-reviewed scientific paper". rel="bpr3" maybe, or something more general, semantically?