Ubuntu Edgy, Bluetooth and Sony Ericsson k800i

  1. Install all the blue stuff: bluez-utils (for hcitool), bluez-passkey-gnome (for bt-applet), gnome-bluetooth (for gnome-obex-server and gnome-obex-send), bluez-pin*.
  2. Run hcitool scan to find the device ID of your phone.
  3. Run bt-applet at startup so it'll ask for a PIN when you try and connect from the phone.
  4. Put a PIN number into /etc/bluetooth/pin*.
  5. Edit /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf to add the bluetooth address of the device and set it to bind automatically at startup on channel 1.
  6. Edit /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf to set the default HCId options: autoinit yes; security auto; pairing multi; passkey whatever.
  7. Restart the bluetooth service in System > Administration > Services or with sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart.
  8. Run gnome-obex-server (Bluetooth File Sharing) at startup, so it'll receive files transferred from the phone.
  9. Run gnome-obex-send FILENAME to send a file to the phone. If your phone doesn't show up in the list of devices, use this fix.
  10. Set up a Nautilus Action for sending files to the phone.
  11. Install kdebluetooth (allows you to browse to bluetooth:/ in konqueror).
  12. Edit /etc/default/bluetooth and /etc/init.d/bluetooth and set HIDD_ENABLED to 1 in both (allows using mobile phone as a remote control).

* not sure if this is necessary

Remote control Amarok via built-in remote control:

  1. Send a .hid file to the phone to configure the remote control.
  2. Entertainment > Remote Control > More > Choose Server.
  3. Use MobileRemoteSE?

Remote control Amarok via bemused: (in theory, haven't got it to work yet):

  1. Make sure kdebluetoothd is running (provides a bemused server).
  2. Download JAM SE and send JAMSE.jar to your phone.
  3. Run JAM SE on the phone and connect to the bemused server.

Note: gnome-phone-manager is supposed to be useful for sending SMS, but I couldn't get it to connect properly.
Note: kmobiletools is supposed to handle address book synchronisation and sending SMS, but I couldn't get it to work properly.
Note: you're supposed to be able to sync contact from Evolution, but I don't use Evolution.