rvw! tool repurposed

The review templating tool rvw!, after going through various different guises, now has a new use: as a means of posting recommendations for books, music and DVDs to del.icio.us. This enables easy addition of items to a 'currently reading/listening/watching' list.

There's also a 'delicious album' Applescript, to be placed in ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts (create the folder if it doesn't exist), that allows you to send the currently playing album from iTunes to del.icio.us, adding tags and links via rvw! on the way.

The main limitation at the moment is the Amazon catalogue, as I haven't got round to writing modules for searching iTMS, MusicBrainz or IMDB yet.

Update: as requested, here's a rvw! bookmarklet that should work from any Amazon product page (book, music or DVD anyway).