DVD ripping to Matroska

Based on Doom9's guides and Gordian Knot, but a bit more manual and without much tweaking. Most of the software comes in the Gordian Knot RipPack.

  1. Play the DVD in VLC and use the Navigation menu to see which tracks contain the main parts of the DVD.
  2. Use StreamRipper to rip the appropriate VOB files to hard disk.
  3. Open all the VOB files in DGIndex:
    • Preview: note aspect ratio (eg 4:3) and video type (eg PAL).
    • Choose the audio output method: Demux to WAV if the audio is PCLM, else Demux All Tracks.
    • Save Project.
  4. Use BeSweet to convert the demuxed audio file to Ogg Vorbis.
  5. Open Gordian Knot:
    • Load the d2v file created by DGIndex.
    • Add the ogg audio file created by BeSweet.
    • Move the resolution slider to get about 2 Bits/(Pixel*Frame). Note the calculated average bitrate.
    • Save And Encode - Save an avs file (not actually encoding here).
  6. Open VirtualDubMod:
    • Open Video File - open the avs file created by Gordian Knot.
    • In the Streams menu, add the ogg file created by BeSweet to the streams list.
    • Save as Matroska file. Set the compression to Xvid, single pass, with the target bitrate as calculated by Gordian Knot. Set video mode to fast recompress.