Pure Data

Every year I seem to pick up Pure Data, get a bit further (understand abstractions; right-clicking on an object is a good way to get to the documentation; etc), get frustrated with the interface (it really is horrible) then give up again. This time it was mostly inspired by RjDj (aka Reality Jockey): Pure Data running on the iPhone that takes samples or audio input from the microphone and manipulates them, sometimes using physical feedback.

I was interested in reading more background discussion to work out why things are the way they are in Pure Data, so asked the MarkMail people if they wouldn't mind importing the Pure Data lists, and they obliged, so now it's possible to see all the emails by certain people and get a better idea of the discussions.

Some of the messages are from Andy Farnell, who's writing a book on Sound Synthesis that sounds like it should be very interesting, when it's finished.

The collaborative Pure Data manual on FLOSS Manuals is really good too.