The Advancement of Science and Culture

The Berlin Foundation for the Advancement of Production and Reproduction, aka A.S.Ambulanzen, as's founder Sebastian Luetgert faces a possible prison sentence for the alleged distibution of two works by Theodor W. Adorno:

We are glad to announce that, effective today, every single work by Adorno and Benjamin that you [The Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Culture] claim as your "intellectual property" has become part of the very public domain that had granted you these copyrights in the first place. Of course they will not be available instantly, and of course we will not publish them ourselves - but you can take our word that they will be out, in countless locations and formats, and that not even a legion of lawyers will manage to get them back. Maybe it helps if you think of your "intellectual property" as a genie, and of your foundation as a bottling business.