Getting Document Elements Out Of The Clipboard

After posting the other day about how to use the technique used by the Live Clipboard demonstration to get document nodes into the system clipboard, I found out that a similar method of node highlighting is used by Clipmarks, allowing people to send chunks of documents to their own storage spage. Clipmarks doesn't get anything into the system clipboard though, it just sends the data directly to their server.

What was missing from that first bookmarklet was the ability to paste new nodes into a page from the clipboard. This is now working, so...

  1. Run the bookmarklet on this page →copy node← then use the keyboard to cut or copy (Command/Ctrl-C or X) any node on the page, which should be highlighted as the mouse cursor moves over them.
  2. Go to the old post (or any other page if you have the bookmarklet in your browser toolbar), run the bookmarklet there, highlight a node with the mouse as before and use the keyboard (Command/Ctrl-V) to paste. The copied node should then appear in the second page.

As before, I've only tested this in Firefox, but it might work in other browsers too.