Putting together SMIL files for shared playlists is a pain by hand, so I've adapted Erik Benson's Morale-o-Meter code to produce the appropriate output.

Download the script here: http://www.pmbrowser.info/hublog/playgen.txt
Rename it to playgen.cgi, chmod to 755, and configure variables at the top of the script to suit your server.

Example SMIL output: http://www.pmbrowser.info/hublog/playlist.smil

Example HTML output: http://www.pmbrowser.info/hublog/playlist.html

Example M3U output: http://www.pmbrowser.info/hublog/playlist.m3u

Example of the javascript include, added with this line: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://www.pmbrowser.info/hublog/playlist.js"></script>