Festive 50 Spotify Playlists

Lots of people seem to be making Spotify playlists of John Peel's Festive 50 charts.

The raw data for Festive 50 track listings doesn't seem to be available so I scraped them into TSV files.

This should be the same data as an OpenDocument spreadsheet. I can't check if it's valid, because OpenOffice is retarded and Google Docs' upload isn't working.

Once I can get the despotify gateway working (it's not accepting the session IDs at the moment), it should be possible to resolve the tracks to Spotify track IDs and create Spotify playlists automatically. Update: I got the Python bindings installed, but it's apparently not possible to get a track's Spotify URI this way, only the relative track number within a playlist or list of search results.

Here are XSPF versions of the tracklists, for use with Last.fm's Boffin (if you have the audio files locally). Ideally Spotify would read XSPF playlists and resolve them itself.

The description of how the despotify authors found the recent security vulnerability in Spotify is interesting:

It turned out that whenever you added someone else's shared playlist, the Spotify client software would request information from Spotify's servers about the author of that playlist. The information returned contained things like a hash (based on a salt and the user's password), date of birth, city and other things that Spotify knew about this user.

We realized that the password hash that was transfered to the client when you added someone else's playlist could be used as a way of authenticating to the server as the owner of the playlist, without knowing his or her password.