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Generalized Venn diagrams: a new method of visualizing complex genetic set relations.
Kestler HA, Müller A, Gress TM, Buchholz M
Bioinformatics. 2004 11 30;

MOTIVATION: Microarray experiments generate vast amounts of data. The unknown or only partially known functional context of differentially expressed genes may be assessed by querying the Gene Ontology database via GOMiner. Resulting tree representations are difficult to interpret and are not suited for visualization of this type of data. Methods are needed to effectively visualize these complex set relationships. RESULTS: We present a visualization approach for set relationships based on Venn diagrams. The proposed extension enhances the usual notion of Venn diagrams by incorporating set size information. The cardinality of the sets and intersection sets is represented by their corresponding circle (polygon) sizes. To avoid local minima, solutions to this problem are sought by evolutionary optimization. This generalized Venn diagram approach has been implemented as an interactive Java application (VennMaster) specifically designed for the use with GOMiner in the context of the Gene Ontology database. AVAILABILITY: VennMaster is platform independent (Java 1.4.2) and has been tested on Windows (XP, 2000), Mac OS X, and Linux. Supplementary information and the software (free for non-commercial use) are available at together with a user documentation.