Publishing a podcast using Google Drive (in theory)

  1. Create a folder in Google Drive, and set the sharing settings to Public.
  2. Open the public folder URL, and upload the files you want to publish [example].
  3. Edit the title and description of each item.
  4. Create a spreadsheet in the same folder [example].
  5. Attach a script to the spreadsheet that finds all the files in this folder and adds each one as a new row to the spreadsheet (with columns "Name", "Date", "Size", "URL", "Description", etc) [example].
  6. Publish the spreadsheet and copy the URL for the text (TSV) version [example].
  7. Create a Yahoo Pipe that fetches the TSV file and turns each row into an entry in an RSS feed (each with an enclosure property) [example].
  8. Subscribe to the RSS feed from that Yahoo Pipe [example].

The only remaining hurdle is that Google Drive's download links no longer allow you to bypass the "no antivirus" page, which means that it's not possible to get a direct download link for each MP3 file.