HubMed Tag Storage

HubMed's Tag Storage is now pretty much open for testing. There are still some features to add, particularly an inbox with RSS feed, but most things are working.

Here are some of the things you can do...

  1. Tag items from HubMed. Click the Tag link on an abstract page to open the tagging form, add your tags plus optional annotation, press the tag button to save.

    050617 Tagging

  2. Show your tag cloud, ordered by most used tags, or the tags used by everybody.

    050617 Cloud

  3. Add items to a list by tagging them with 'list:something'. Drag list items up and down, then press 'save list' to store the ordered items.

  4. Make statements. Annotations added in the form
    [subject] blah blah blah [object]
    are treated as statements (like tag triples, but simpler). Each [bracketed] item becomes a link , which can be used to display all statements about that thing.

    050617 Statement