An Amazon Wishlist Competition/Contest

Is this a great marketing idea? Basically, a competition where people can win one of your products by adding the product to their Amazon wishlist and emailing you the address of their wishlist. After the deadline you pick a winner, and send the item to them from their wishlist.

As a marketer you get lots of people to add your product to their wishlist, so there's a good chance they - or someone else - will buy it if they don't win. You also get to see what else people interested in your product have on their wishlist. It might improve the "Customers who shopped for other items in your Wish List also shopped for..." rankings of these products. And you get commission for the referrals to Amazon, for any purchases made during that visit.

So, here's the competition:

  1. Pick as many of the following items as you like and add them to your Amazon wishlist.
  2. Email me the unique URL of your Amazon wishlist, and in the subject line put [wishlist] and the title of the item you want to enter the competition for. Make sure you include the unique URL of your wishlist in the body of the email - you can get this by clicking the 'Tell people about this list' button on your wishlist page (UK/US),then copying and pasting the resulting URL, which should contain an ID. You can enter for as many items as you like, in separate emails, but the same wishlist will only be counted once per item.
  3. The closing date for entries is 23:59 GMT on Sunday, August 24th 2008.
  4. One week later, for each of the items, I'll pick one email at random and send that item from the winning wishlist.

The prizes are all DS games:

The only condition is that you have to be in the same country as the Amazon store (or have similar shipping rates), so the postage costs don't get ridiculous.