Finding Conversations around Academic Publications

In Jon Udell's post Bloggers talk to bloggers, scientists talk to scientists earlier this week, he and others in the comments wondered if it was possible to
  1. normalise all the identifiers - URLs, PMIDs and DOIs - relating to papers, and
  2. collect together the conversations around a paper from all the various academic, news, blog and other discussion channels.

And it is: with the APIs from ask.connotea, Connotea, Postgenomic, PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus and CrossRef you can pull together a fair amount of information relating to discussions, bookmarks and citations of a paper identified by either URL, PMID or DOI.

Here's the form to enter a URL, and here's the discussion for the paper that Jon used as an example, identified by URL, DOI or PMID.

(It's having to call quite a few APIs sequentially, so give it a little while to return the results).


TODO: Pull in comments attached to papers on publishers' sites; use Lucene indexes of PubMed to match press releases to published papers; show more of the PubMed and Postgenomic conversation and citation graphs; fetch shared annotations from Zotero.


Update: Added Bloglines and APIs, but those won't work so well because they don't normalise the URIs.