Protein Interaction Browser

A bioinformatics/database interoperability problem. Alberto de Luis calvo, of Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, and I have been working on a TouchGraph visualisation of protein interactions. The trouble is that there are at least three different databases that catalogue interactions between protein molecules, each of which use a number of different identifiers for each protein or protein group. The visualisation is therefore in its early stages and there are a number of different versions, but this is my attempt.From the following links for each organism, you can launch a TouchGraph by clicking the links on the left of each list.

DIP - Database of Interacting Proteins (uses Entrez accession numbers): Human, Mouse, Yeast (warning: Yeast is a long page)

BIND - Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (uses Entrez accession numbers): Human, Mouse, Yeast, H. pylori (warning: Yeast and H. pylori are long pages)

DLRP - Database of Ligand-Receptor Partners (uses Unigene ClusterID numbers): All (you'll need a fast Java for this one - press Advanced, then switch Radius to 'All')