Musiclogging from Winamp

If you want an easy way to recommend online tracks while you're listening to them in Winamp, here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the newest version (1.3) of the Now Playing plugin for Winamp, and install it.

  2. Replace the file template.htm in Program Files/Winamp/np_templates with this one (it's basic, but you're free to adapt and style it as you like).
    Update: Here's a new template.htm that automatically submits the address of the currently playing track to Webjay when you open the page.

  3. In the Now Playing plugin preferences (Ctrl-P in Winamp, Plugins>General Purpose>Now Playing plugin>Configure selected plugin), tick 'Filename' in the Information Settings tab, then tick 'Use template' and select template.htm in the HTML Settings tab. In the Local Save tab, tick 'Local Save Enabled', and set a path and filename (the defaults are fine). Finally, in the General Options tab, tick 'Enabled'.

  4. htmlconfig

  5. Then, start playing a playlist of online music.

  6. After a song has played for a few seconds, open up the html output file (at the path you set earlier) and you should see links to add any of the last played tracks to your own playlist at Webjay or SongBuddy

  7. nowplaying