Things That Reek Of Greatness

If you like all of Diplo's mixtapes as much as I do, you'll probably like Wayne & Wax's Dembow reggaeton mix. Read the original post on Riddim Method.

Green Fairy is trying to buy as little plastic as possible (*applause*). If you're not doing this much, you can't claim to even be trying.

IPodDisk combines open-source tools and some ingenious hackery to make an iPod browsable in the Finder, the way it always should have been ...

... while PathFinder 4 combines the best of Nautilus and OS X's Finder and adds many extra improvements to make file management—nearly—what it always could have been.

A Nexstar 3 SATA-USB drive enclosure and a 300GB Maxtor DiamondMax 10 make things a lot easier.

I've been feeling much better since I started using AntiRSI (OS X) and it's not-quite-so-well-designed cousin WorkRave (Linux/Windows).

and Google Talk has finally joined its service up with the rest of the Jabber/XMPP network :-)