Newzcrawler update

An excellent update for Newzcrawler fixes all the bugs we've been complaining about:

  • possibility to use Mozilla as embedded browser - to be able to use Mozilla do as follows:
    • open Mozilla folder ("C:\Program Files\Mozilla\" typically)
    • type "regsvr32 mozctlx.dll" command
    • restart the NewzCrawler and you'll be able to choose between IE and Mozilla

  • possibility to lower case the html tags and quote all html attributes in the BlogThis! html editor (Preferences/General/Post tab)
  • customizable user agent (Preferences/Connection/Protocol tab)
  • added Next unread and Previous Unread commands (Alt+Down and Alt+Up respectively)
  • fixed posting to MovableType

Personally it took this:
regsvr32 "c:\program files\\mozilla\mozctlx.dll"
from the Run box, but it did the trick.

Update: Except it keeps crashing, so I wouldn't upgrade just yet.