Creating MapTube maps with Neighbourhood Statistics data

A quick overview:
  1. Fetch the data needed from the Neighbourhood Statistics API and save it locally in a database.
  2. Get the 2001 Census boundary shapefile for England wards from UKBORDERS.
  3. Run a script that reads in the .dbf (dBase) file from the shapefile, adds a column for each set of data, then for each ward adds the corresponding data. Resave the dbf file.
  4. Run GMapCreator and open the shapefile. Select the desired data set from the drop-down menu. Open the colour settings ('Cols...' button), select Transition > Query > Set Groups, choose how many discrete groups to use. Set the colours for each group manually.
  5. Move the maximum zoom level slider up to 9 and press 'Create'. Make a new directory to hold the tiles and start the export process. When it's finished, File > Save Settings to save the settings file in the directory above the newly created tile export directory. Edit some fields in the settings XML file: 'maptitle' to what you want the map's title to be, 'createdir' to point to the directory where the tiles were exported.
  6. Upload the settings XML file and tiles folder to your server.
  7. Sign in to MapTube, create a new map and point it to your settings XML file. It should detect the tile images and show a preview. Fill in the title and description fields, then save the map.

An example map.

I've updated the example PHP code attached to the earlier post.