OS X Applications

Chicken of the VNC (VNC)
Conversation Colloquy (IRC)
DNSUpdate (dynamic DNS)
Ecto MarsEdit (weblog editor)
Fire Adium (IM)
Safari + PithHelmet Firefox (Web)
iChat (IM/voice)
Logorrhea (read iChat logs)
Mail (email)
NetNewsWire (feed reader)
PDF Plugin
Skype (voice/phone)
Transmit (FTP)
Unison (newsgroups)

Acqlite (Gnutella)
Azureus (BitTorrent)
Edonkey2000 (Edonkey/Overnet)
KDX Client (KDX)
Nicotine (Soulseek)
OurTunes (iTunes)
Poisoned (FastTrack/giFT)

Acrobat Professional (PDF)
Bibdesk (bibliography)
DEVONthink (PDF organiser)
Flowjo (FACS analysis)
iCal (calendar)
iTaf (alarm clock)
Keynote (presentations)
KoalaCalc Longhand(calculator)
Office (unfortunately)
Nisus Thesaurus (thesaurus)
OmniGraffle (diagrams, figures)
OmniOutliner (outlines)
PerlPrimer (primer design)
Pester (countdown timer)
Prism (statistics/graphs)
SubEthaEdit (code, text)
TeTeX (TeX)
TextEdit (text files)
TeXniscope (TeX/PDF)
Ulysses (text)
VoodooPad Sidenote (notes)

3ivx codecs
DVD Player
EasyWMA (convert WMA to MP3)
Gimp (graphics)
Graphic Converter (convert graphics formats)
Hymn (decrypt iTMS files)
ImageJ (image manipulation)
iTunes (play music/iPod transfer)
iRecordMusic (record streaming audio)
LameBrain (rip CDs)
MPlayer (play video)
Preview (PDF)
RealPlayer (SMIL)
Senuti (copy files from iPod)
Steam (BBC Radio)
Tofu (text files)
VLC (play video)
Windows Media Player (WM)

CalendarClock (menubar clock/calendar)
CandyBar or Pixadex(system icons)
CarbonCopyCloner SuperDuper (backup)
Cronnix (cron editor)
FireStarter FX (CD burning)
GPGKeys (encrypt mail and IM)
Impression (CD burning for backups)
JunkMatcher (filters spam by filename)
LaunchBar (app launcher)
OnMyCommand and OMC_Edit (contextual menu items)
Open Firmware Password (security)
Pacifist (package inspector)
Platypus (app maker from scripts)
Printer Setup Repair
Rendezvous Browser
Safari Bookmark Exporter
Serial Box/SerialSeeker (30-day trials)
SSH Agent SSHKeychain (SSH key manager)
Stuffit Standard (unpacking)
Terminal (command line)
Throttled (bandwidth throttle)
TinkerTool (system settings)
UnRarX (unpacking RAR)
WhatSize (disk usage)

Preference Panes
RCDefaultApp (default applications)
RCEnvironment (environment variables)
GeekTool (desktop displays)
GnuPG (encryption)
Growl (notifier)
MenuMeters (CPU/RAM/network monitor)
More Internet (set helper apps)
Service Manager (disable Services items)
CocoAspell(spell checker)
Synergy (iTunes)

Last updated: 2005-10-06

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