Presenting replicates in a table

Which is the best way to present replicate data in a table (where Result A and Result B are two separate data sets - imagine this is gene expression data, and the results are expression levels of Gene A and Gene B)?

This way:

Result AResult B
Sample 11210
Sample 12211
Sample 13212
Sample 2213
Sample 2224
Sample 2235
Sample 333345
Sample 334446
Sample 335547

or this way:

Result AResult AResult AResult BResult BResult B
Sample 1123210211212
Sample 2212223345
Sample 3333344355454647

or this way, with a separate table for each set of results (I think this direction is what Google Docs would prefer, but it could easily go horizontally instead):

Result A
Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3
Result B
Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3

or maybe even multiple results, joined by a separator, within the same cell:

Result AResult B
Sample 11;2;3210;211;212
Sample 221;22;233;4;5
Sample 3333;344;35545;46;47