Nodalpoint - moderated bioinformatics papers from PubMed

If you're a bioinformatics researcher, or just interested in the field, you should head over to and sign up as a member. Their Drupal module that retrives bioinformatics papers from PubMed is working again now, so users can vote for those that they regard highly from the submissions queue, which then make their way onto the front page.

There are also comments regarding a means of making the fulltext PDFs of each article available for discussion among users of nodalpoint. My suggestion, which I still favour, is old-fashioned: write to (email) the authors and ask for a reprint, but instead of asking them to send a paper copy get them to make it publically available on their website. About 50% of publishers allow this in their copyright terms (preprints, at least), and most labs seem to have homepages, so it could work out quite well.