OS X root email account forwarding

When a cron job gets stuck on OS X, it sends an email to the root account to let it know there's a problem. Unfortunately, you never normally get to see this email as it's routed straight to /dev/null. Here's how to get the emails sent to your own email address (works for me in 10.3.4):
sudo pico /var/root/.forward
change /dev/null to your email address
(this tells the system which address mail for root should be forwarded to)

sudo chown -R postfix /private/var/spool/postfix sudo chown root /private/var/spool/postfix sudo postfix start (this sets some file & folder permissions then starts Postfix, the mail transfer agent)
sudo pico /etc/hostconfig change MAILSERVER to -YES- (this makes postfix start up after a reboot)
then to test everything, if you like: mail root Subject: test . (period) then Enter (wait a while after sending this mail, it can take quite a long time to be sent)