Making Podcasts from MP3 blogs

I've aded two new features to Playr today:

  1. RSS output with enclosures. This reads in a web page containing links to MP3 files <example>, and produces a very basic RSS feed containing an enclosure for each of those files <example>.

    These feeds don't yet work with Curry & co.'s (package installed! for no reason!) iPodder for OS X, as their software strips a character from the URL so can't download the feed, but you can subscribe to the feeds in iPodderX (itself a quirky piece of software), for example.

    Here's a PodCast bookmarklet that you can use on a web page to generate the URL for the RSS feed.

  2. All playlist links to files are now converted to be routed through the Coral caching system. If quite a few people are downloading the same file from the same part of the world, this should hopefully save the host a bit of bandwidth.