Fulltext links from HubMed

There are now four different options for finding fulltext articles via HubMed (eg from this abstract):

  1. FullText, which uses PubMed's linking service to go directly to the article - this is the fastest, but is sometimes not updated quickly enough to work for the newest articles. <example>
  2. SFX, which provides multiple links to different resources, including full articles at the publisher's site. <example>
  3. LinkFinderPlus, the linking service used by Scopus, hasn't been working for the last few weeks but seems to be ok again now. This provides a link to the fulltext article. <example>
  4. OpenURL has the potential to be the most useful linking tool, as it allows you to log in using Athens or to select an establishment from a list, then provides a list of links tailored to your situation, including links to your library. It can also use the GetCopy service from EDINA to search multiple repositories for the requested article. <example>