Playlist distribution

I made a playlist of MP3s for a friend in Winamp. Winamp can only burn audio, not data, CDs, so I used the gen_yar plugin to copy all the files in the playlist into a new folder, then burned this folder to a CD using Nero. I saved the playlist as an M3U file, and used CD Cover Editor (make sure to uninstall the adware - still have no idea why people bundle this crap with their decent software) to automatically print the CD cover from the playlist and some images (the software that comes with Avery sticky CD labels can't read playlists, but CD Cover Editor doesn't have Avery templates, so it has to be on plain paper).

Now I have an MP3 CD, or 3 audio CDs (burned directly from M3Us using Nero). I also have the MP3s and a playlist, but it's impossible to put them online. I made a Kazaa playlist, but as it has to include the file hash there's no chance of anyone finding sources for the tracks - I've changed the ID3 tags, which changes the hashes. Magnet URIs don't require the hash, they can just search for the filename, so I could make a HTML page of magnet links. You'd have to click on each of the 60 tracks in turn to download them though, and they wouldn't be played in the right order. There are no players that read M3U or RSS files and use magnet URIs (or just artist/track details) to fetch and play tracks in the right order. I could put the tracks online and pay the streaming license fees, but this is prohibitively expensive (and awkward) when I'd have to cover the bandwidth charges as well. If there was a central site that would cover a streaming license and host MP3s for a small bandwidth charge that would be ideal. There's FTP of course, and NNTP, and Waste/WINW and all the rest, but the best I can do at the moment is just use MPEG Audio Collection to print the tracks and let you work the rest out for yourself. If you want to hear them, try getting me on IM - the details should be on the right of this page.

See also: discussion of a related problem by Kevin Marks and Lucas Gonze.

# Artist Title
1 The Shins So Says I
2 764-HERO Terrified Of Flight
3 Adult. Glue Your Eyelids Together
4 B.R.M.C. Shade of Blue
5 Basement Jaxx Tonight
6 The Black Keys Thick Freakness
7 Brant Bjork Automatic Fantastic
8 Pretty Girls Make Graves Chemical, Chemical
9 Dizzee Rascal Jus' a Rascal
10 Coachwhips Hey Stiffie
11 Dave Clarke She's In Parties
12 Taking Back Sunday Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From The Team)
13 Do Make Say Think Horns of a Rabbit
14 The Faint Let the Poison Spill From Your Throat
15 The Fall Theme from Sparta FC
16 Four Tet As Serious as Your Life
17 Deerhoof My Diamond Star Car
18 The Heads Fuego
19 Franz Ferdinand Darts of Pleasure
20 DJ Format Last Bongo in Brighton Remix
21 Groovie Ghoulies Maze effect
22 Hot Hot Heat Oh, Goddamnit
23 Boy Sets Fire White Wedding Dress
24 IMA Robot Dynomite
25 Iggy Pop Private Hell
26 Joy Division She's Lost Control
27 Jane's Addiction Been Caught Stealing
28 The Juliana Theory Is Patience Still Waiting
29 The Jesus Lizard Monkey Trick
30 Le Tigre Deceptacon
31 Killing Joke Death And Resurrection Show
32 The Hi-Fives How Narvell Felt
33 Liars Flow My Tears the Spider Said
34 Luke Vibert Countdown
35 Madlib Distant Land
36 The Mars Volta Eriatarka
37 Modest Mouse Perfect Disguise
38 The Raveonettes Let's Rave On
39 Alva Noto Transrapid
40 Múm Now There's That Fear Again
41 Melt Banana A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To
42 Nebula Electric Synapse
43 North Of America Telluride Canyon
44 Oxes Kaz Hayashi '01
45 The Postal Service Such Great Heights
46 Pennywise Now I Know
47 The Pastels Dark Vincente
48 Psychonauts Circles
49 Foo Fighters Low
50 Frank Black And The Catholics My Favorite Kiss
51 The Rapture Heaven
52 Songs: Ohia Almost Was Good Enough
53 Thursday Streaks in the Sky
54 Spoon The Way We Get By
55 To My Surprise Get It to Go
56 Toktok Jean
57 Wire Comet
58 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Date With A Night
59 Turbonegro Gimme Somme
60 The A-Team Christmas Claws