Bringing a publisher's content to the Life Science researcher

I gave a presentation at the InfoTech for Pharma and Biotech conference last week, in a symposium dedicated to text mining, titled "Bringing a publisher's content to the Life Science researcher". It seems relevant to post this now with all the talk of WikiProfessional's WikiProteins* this week, so here are the slides. The most important point is that we need to develop a standard annotation format, so that document-specific annotations contributed to one store (Zotero, say, or any individual publisher or service that provides document annotation) can be connected together with everyone else's annotations.

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WikiProfessional doesn't have to deal with sharing document-specific annotations and their positions, because it's not storing document-specific annotations. Also, I don't think it differentiates between different meanings of the same word/phrase, which is a bit of a problem.

* The WikiProfessional annotation of the WikiProteins paper is a nice demonstration of community annotation.