Creating a Freebase data view

Task: Create an ordered list of the highest pubs in England.

First, on the Freebase Type page for architecture/building, I selected 'Add new building' and entered the name 'Tan Hill Inn', which created a Topic page for that building.

I filled in the description (adapted from a Wikipedia page), then selected 'Add a type', chose 'Building' (in Architecture), then added 'Public house' as its 'Building function'. This action also automatically added 'Public house', previously only known as a 'Book subject', to the list of topics known as 'Building function'.

Then I selected 'Add a Type' again, chose 'Location' and filled in the 'latitude' and 'longitude' properties of the 'Geolocation' field using data from Get Lat Lon.

Get Lat Lon

I also filled in 'elevation' with data from Wikipedia (in metres) and set the 'Contained by' field to 'England' (the country).

Tan Hill Inn

Now all the information about this pub was filled in and its location was showing on the map, I did the same for a second building.

At this point, it was time to go back to the architecture/building page and start filtering. I added filters for 'Building function = Public house', 'Contained by = England' and 'Geolocation/Elevation is not empty', then added 'Contained by' and 'Geolocation/Elevation' columns to the table.

Building : Freebase

Finally I sorted the results by 'Elevation', descending, and saved this view under my Freebase domain.

The Highest Pubs in England : Freebase

What I like about the saved view is that anyone can come along and add a missing item to the view, and all the filter fields will be automatically filled in - they'll just have to add the name and the elevation.