RealPlayer 10 installation

How to make RealPlayer 10 behave nicely [copied (slightly modified) from Doom9 forums]:
  • Uninstall RealAlternative
  • Download the free RealPlayer 10 Beta here, with no re-direction:
  • Choose Custom Install
  • Uncheck all the boxes you don't like for stuff on the desktop and quicklaunch bar. There is nothing hidden by a scroll bar, at least not with my computer screen size.
  • Disable (or leave enabled) the Google bar, when offered.
  • Check only the media types you want it to play. This is the only time you will be asked this, it will never try to take back any media types.
  • Start RealPlayer, you may have to create an account. Everybody hates this, and wish it would go way. Agreed, but RealNetworks has to make money somehow, and the number of users is a needed measure to document. So use fake information if you like.
  • Then go to Tools->Preferences->Automatic Services, Click Configure Message Center, then uncheck "Check for new messages". Click OK on the "warning" that comes up. Now you will never be bothered by the Message Center. In previous versions, you could not disable the Message Center completely, without deleting certain files. Minor improvement, it's still opt-out, but at least it's possible. Check or uncheck Auto-update in its sub-menu as well.
  • Check Tools->Preferences->Internet/Privacy if you would like to uncheck any options there.
  • Go to Tools->Preferences->General and set On startup display to "Player only". That way, no browser, and it starts much quicker.
  • Delete all the extra icons placed in the Start Menu.
  • Finally, due to a bug, the realsched.exe process just will not go away, even though it's not needed with all auto features off. So, open task manager, kill realsched.exe, go to c:\program files\common files\real\Update_OB, and move it away (or delete it). Might need to prevent it from starting with Windows using msconfig as well. Now it's gone for good.