This is in response to Seb's musiclogging piece, which prompted me to finally find a way to do what I've been trying to do for ages with SMIL.

  1. Syndicate your favourite MP3 blogs into a single page, using Bloglines or Kinja (example).

  2. Use the SMIL bookmarklet from Playr to play your aggregated page (you can then add the SMIL URL to your favourites in RealPlayer once it's started playing, for easy access next time).

  3. When you hear a track you like, click 'Recommend this track using WebJay' to add it to one of your playlists at WebJay (example).

  4. This playlist can then be syndicated by RSS, to complete the loop (example).

Notes: I wanted to add recommendations via, but they use a different 'add' url for each user, so it was impossible. You can also recommend tracks via SongBuddy. As for matchmaking, WebJay already shows all the related playlists based on shared links (example).