Flitter v1.1

I've been playing around with Flitter, improving the interaction based on earlier feedback. I think it's just about ready to try again:


Search for an artist (music) or author (book) using the form above. Note that the first page will take a little while to load, as it has to query six different sources for information: Amazon (for album/book details), Audioscrobbler (for related artists), Flickr (for tagged photos), del.icio.us (for tagged links), Blogdigger (for media files) and Feedster (for matching weblog posts).

Clicking on any album cover will load the large cover image plus a number of related albums, which will be displayed alongside the original album cover slightly lower down the page. Links will also be displayed to audio samples (via Amazon, when available), the album on iTunes Music Store (which generally exposes the sparcity of their catalogue) and the artist on Audioscrobbler.

Album titles link to the album at Amazon, and display the average customer rating when hovered over, while artist names link to a new Flitter for that artist.

Hovering over a photo will show a larger version, and the link will open the corresponding Flickr page in a new window.

The buttons at the top of the window will hide or show the various elements.

Here's the bookmarklet again: --> Flitter <--

There are still a couple of bugs, but they're browser-specific so I don't think I can do much about them. IE adds the divs containing newly-loaded album covers in the wrong position, while Safari adds seemingly arbitrary widths to the initial album cover divs, forcing the other panels to be displayed underneath.