How to get a Firefox that works (OS X)

Can't wait for 1.1?

  1. Download the source for 1.0.3 (from this page)
  2. Save this patch (fixes middle-button actions, originally from this Bugzilla page) into the base 'mozilla' folder, then run it with
    patch -p0 
  3. Create a ~/.mozconfig file (here's mine - the optimization flags are for a G3 processor, but can be changed).
  4. Compile with ./configure and make as normal. This can take a while.
  5. Run
    mv /Applications/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/
    so that your search plugins don't get overwritten during the upgrade.
  6. Run
    cp -R -L dist/ /Applications/
    to install Firefox including the symlinked libraries.
  7. Run
    ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/searchplugins /Applications/
    so that the new version can find your search plugins
  8. Run Firefox. If necessary set up the userChrome.css, userContent.css, user.js and extensions as described earlier.