Catching Up

Nighty Night was the TV comedy choice in most of the UK 'top things of 2004' lists. Green Wing and Shameless were also highly rated.

The only good online radio shows/podcasts are Rob Duffy's @ DoneWaiting and Radio OK FRED.

Best albums of 2004 lists from The Wire and Pitchfork.

Genius video for The Who Boys' Smash It Up

Sonic Youth videos

IngentaConnect RSS feeds for journal tables of contents, hopefully soon with abstracts. Personally I'd rather have email updates, but perhaps the extra PRISM metadata will be useful - perhaps pushing journal TOCs as XML over Jabber/XMPP would be more network-friendly? closed down, thus so did the discographies feed. Exeem (their distributed tracker plan) seems to use magnet - will it still need websites to host the magnet links?

Recommendations for a quiet PC