Music ownership in an open, online database

Lucas Gonze wants to help the music industry sell it's products, but has no way of sending buyers to the right place to buy a particular track. For most tracks it's still easier to link to a P2P distribution system than to online music sales sites (though even that isn't as simple as it should be). Ideally though, you want record labels to be selling their own tracks directly, which means that each track either has to be tagged with details of the publisher or has to have a unique identifier that lets you look up the publisher from an online database. If the recording industry had got their act together with identifiers like the book publishing industry has, they could have an of their own, where you could link with an id number and find all the places that had that track for sale. Maybe that could be a way for someone like MusicBrainz to make some money, if record labels could register their ownership of each track in the database in order to receive links back to their online sales sites. They were certainly quick enough to claim ownership of tracks when Napster agreed to set up filtering.