Install Classic after Panther

Took a while to figure out an easy way to install Classic after installing Panther on a new iMac:

  1. Use TinkerTool to switch on hidden files in Finder

  2. Insert the iMac Software Restore DVD

  3. Browse to the folder .images, then mount OS9General.dmg

  4. From the mounted disk image, copy System Folder (or Dossier Systeme, or whatever language it is) to your Startup Disk (Macintosh HD)

  5. Eject the mounted image

  6. Open the Classic pane in System Preferences, and make sure the new System Folder in Macintosh HD is selected. Tick 'Show Classic status in menu bar'.

  7. Start Classic, allowing you to run OS 9 applications.

An easier way would probably just be to boot from the Software Restore DVD and install Classic from there, if you don't mid restarting.