Metadata in feeds (again)

Two little shifts in the blogoplate today (already noted by Phil) suddenly make the prospect of embedding metadata in Atom feeds much more promising again.

Google's Blogsearch uses this metadata to identify information such as the author and publishing date, while SixApart's AtomStream makes formatted feeds available to any aggregators that want to subscribe. This marks a shift away from Technorati, its scraping of HTML for metadata, and the necessity for microformats embedded in the XHTML post (though I think there's probably still a place for those). This reliance on feed data also gives bonus points to those who include the full text of their posts in their feeds, as they're more likely to be included in search engine results.

I'm thinking about review data again - about the inadequacies of my previous attempts and the possibilities of conciliating multiple formats aimed at the same purpose.

Things that are needed: