Bookmark Folders

Most browsers let you create folders on the bookmarks toolbar. I've been trying to sort the bookmarks I use most often into different categories to make finding them easier. Here's how they're organised so far:
  • sites: the sites that I maintain - links to front pages and admin pages.
  • local: services running on the local computer (notebook, wiki, phpmyadmin, etc).
  • accounts: sites with a personal account ( home, webjay playlists, flickr photos, google search history, my yahoo!, etc).
  • incoming: pages that are checked quite often (del.ici.ous inbox, flickr photos from contacts, tracks from friends, torrent feed aggregator, latest news). It might be useful to have a dashboard page that shows all these at a glance. Mailing lists should probably be here as well (showing latest conversations)?
  • keep: pages accessed sometimes, when looking for something to read, that don't churn quickly ( popular, hot links, software updates, link filters, flickr explore, popular torrent charts, radio players).
  • bookmarklets (but not for search - those are all moved to search plugins).
  • comments: sites to revisit to check on comments left (might work well as live bookmarks, to check automatically for changes - need to remember to unsubscribe though).
  • utilities: maps, dictionaries, documentation, coding tools.