• Removed the urn:info:... tags from rvw! posts to i had to agree with others on the mailing list in the end: this information is already present in the (Amazon) links, as is the locale, so any benefit wasn't worth the extra-long list of unique tags. I'd originally thought that it would be useful to be able to have the link pointing to different places (eg other bookstores/suppliers) and use the identifier to say what the item was, but I never used it that way. In a different reviews system storing an identifier might be useful, but in this case I think it was unnecessary.
  • Added asterisk rating tags to rvw! posts to, so the ratings stars get displayed in Cocoalicious.
  • Also a small fix for HubMed's BibTeX output, to remove the dot after author initials (apparently this broke some BibTeX output styles).