Visible changes in HubMed this week

  • Added a 'Terms' link when abstracts are shown. This passes the abstract text through
    1. The Whatizit pipe web service, which recognises terms such as protein names and biological processes, linking them to services such as UniProt and Gene Ontology (respectively).
    2. A database of Wikipedia page titles, which recognises terms for which Wikipedia pages exist and links them directly to Wikipedia (this works in a similar way to Stefan Magdalinski's Wikiproxy).
  • Reworked the 'References' page for each article, so it now includes
    1. Details for the current article
    2. A list of papers citing that article
    3. A list of papers cited by that article
    4. Trackbacks to that article sent from other websites

    The citation data comes from BioMed Central's corpus of Open Access publications: although CrossRef, ISI and Elsevier each have a huge database of cross-citation information, they still like to keep it all to themselves in their own for-pay territories.

  • Added 'cited by' and improved 'tagged by' counts.
  • Move the 'Clear Clipboard' function into the menu bar.
  • Added a link to send searches to EBIMed, a text-mining MEDLINE search engine that shows "associations between UniProt protein/gene names, GO annotations, Drugs and Species" in a table linked to abstracts.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes.